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Amazing Grace

hello, my name is romi + i have been infatuated with High Goddess Grace Jones since i was a young child. it is only recently which i actually began to worship Her, and i am now hard at work on a larger-than-life shrine which will literally "Grace" the corner of my room + i will pray to every night, asking for guidance + hair advice. my other favorites are High Goddesses Cher, Trina and Divine, as well as Low Goddesses Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, John Waters, Brigitte Bardot, Amy Sedaris, Roxanna Shante and Nancy Sinatra.
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Welcome to the Church, Romi! I hope you find salvation here.

-High Priestess Bob
Hmmm...Low Goddess Roxanne Shante. Now one I would have expected, but I like it.