The Church of the Diva

Since 2005

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Welcome to churchofthediva, the main site for the Church of the Diva, a religious organization founded in 2005. The Church of the Diva is dedicated to the worship of pop culture icons (all female or female impersonators, with the sole exception of John Waters) and the adaptation/projection of their mannerisms and believed personalities onto oneself, most traditionally practiced by gay men. To become a member of this new religion, simply join the community. Here are a few notes about the Church:
  • Members are known as "adherents to the Church [of the Diva]" and the religion is simply "the Church [of the Diva]."
  • The location of the Church is this community. Hopefully, physical Churches will be constructed in the future.
  • The Church encourages worship of a multitude of Goddesses, separated into "High" and "Low." A full list can be found here.
  • New adherents can propose to canonize their favorite Divas not included on the list of Goddesses. If enough interest seems to exist, a poll will be held among adherents and if a majority votes to canonize the Diva, the vote will be submitted to High Priestess Bob (of supershine) for approval. If he approves, her new title will be Saint. He may also choose, with other Church leadership (who shall remain anonymous) to hold votes or simply make Saints Goddesses, High or Low.
  • Anyone can become an official Enemy of the Church, in a process analogous to the one for canonizing a Diva. The list of Enemies of the Church can be found along with the list of Goddesses and Saints here.
  • Adherents to the church are encouraged to create shrines, physical or virtual, to their favorite Goddess(es) or Saint(s). Praying to these shrines is also encouraged.
  • The "Church" label is not intended as a gimmick for a celebrity community. Worship of these Goddesses is taken very seriously and the Church is not intended as a place for celebrity news (aside from news on High Goddess Kylie Minogue's health condition), but a place for an obsession derived from perceived personality traits.
  • It is customary and polite to refer to individual Divas with their correct title (High Goddess, Low Goddess, or Saint).
  • All references to High Goddess Kylie outside of a discussion about her should be followed with "Get well Kylie, we love you."
  • If a particular adherent is disliked by the Church leadership (High Priestess Bob and an anonymous committee), they could face excommunication. High Priestess Bob holds absolute control over the Church and its practices, though he does not intend to abuse his power.
  • The Church of the Diva is a Sudden Infant Death Enterprises production.

Ideas of things to post in this community: links to virtual shrines, pictures of your physical shrines (preferably under an lj-cut), general worship. Please do not post celebrity news aside from news on High Goddess Kylie's health, as stated above. If you are a new member, you may want to introduce yourself by telling us how long you have been worshipping the Diva and who your favorites are.